SME Innovation Stories - Game-changing business innovation ideas that are worth sharing


Game-changing business innovation ideas that are worth sharing

Most often, when we think of innovation, we think of new product or technology. Business innovation can be so much more.

For example, the innovation of lean manufacturing has transformed the way many manufacturers organize workflow to make the process as efficient as possible. Also, innovation does not have to be so radical - a series of small incremental improvements is more realistic than attempts at making huge breakthroughs.

No selling, no pitching — All about true stories of successful digital transformation

SME Innovation Stories is a talk series that shares and analyzes case studies of digital transformation projects in the SMEs. The objective is to provide inspirations for SME business owners and CEOs on variety of ways they can innovate their business. The discussion will be presented in storytelling form of real-world projects, instead of theories and concepts.

Upcoming SME Innovation Stories

Once a month, we will have CEO's from different industries to share the case study of their digital transformation projects. They will inspire you with innovative ideas to grow your business and remain competitive.

Providing high quality customer service through integrated communication strategy

29 March 2018

How integrated communication strategy help to serve our customers better?

Mohandeep Singh CEO of Soft Solvers Solutions

Rethinking of our approach to people management in the digital era

24 April 2018

What we've learnt about managing people in the digital era?

Effon Khoo Founder of

Unlocking hidden value from your logistics operation through analytics

30 May 2018

Why logistics is a brand differentiator for e-commerce?

Elbert Chuah CTO of WHENSO

How gamification improves customer engagement and retention

26 June 2018  

How we can use gamification to increase retention of today's customers?

WeiChee Lee CEO of CheQQMe

Overcoming the digital dilemma in SMEs

24 July 2018

Our journey of unpacking the online marketing hype.

Henry Tye CEO of

Boosting your profit by overcoming the challenges of multichannel retailing

28 August 2018

How does multichannel retailing benefit both our merchants and customers?

Adrian Oh CEO of webShaper

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